About Me

Who we are ? What we made?

Welcome to “ madamepOmm “ this is the place for Dog Cat and other animals Lover,
Here you will found a variety of items featuring with a lovely dog and pets.
I trying to make to cover all the dog breeds, if you can’t find your dog please ask me.

We are a small group of people that loving ceramic art and painting. We made all thing in our small studio in Bangkok, Thailand. Actually, we want to write more about my work but unfortunately our English is not so good. That's why sometime we can't write all we think but we're welcome for your comment or question and we will try our best to answer them all. As we're not good in writing so we try to add more picture so you can see what we are doing and we believe picture can tell a thousand of word.

All our pieces make with passion and inspiration. We love making things with my hands and sending them out to the one who loved. We always fun to finding new material for our work and love to createing a new thing. We still learning thing everyday !!!

Now,the items that we made are Dog, Cat and Animals Figurine, Piggy Bank, Salt and Pepper Shaker, Cake Topper. I welcome for Custom Made that look like your pet just send me a picture of your pet to my e-mail. You can find a lot of my work from my blog and if you are looking for another or interest for custom made please feel free to contact us.

We starting to make our pieces over 10 years ago and we collect all of our experience together, our experience will express on our pieces. We try hard to make all subjects we made more cute and beautiful in figure and painting. We don’t have any store in Thailand. We also have online store in Artfire.com ( Shop Name:  madamepOmm

Website: www.muddymOOd.com

Do you have a question?
You can leave me a comment with your question or email me at  nuudee2009@hotmail.com
Keep in mind that I get a lot of emails but I will get back to you as soon