Thursday, August 26, 2010

swmcnamar180 - Bull Terrier salt and pepper shaker

Custom Paint
Salt and Pepper Shaker

Bull Terrier

Paint form your dog picture !!!

Salt and Pepper shaker made of ceramic high fired for durability

Hand painted using acrylic color and
clear high gloss protected

This can be a perfect for dog lover in any occasion

This also can using as a wedding cake topper

Measurement: 5 x 6.5 x 5.7 cm. Weight 125 grams ( pair )

Brindle Bull Terrier has one hole for salt shaker
Black brindle Bull Terrier has tow holes for pepper shaker


Piggy Bank / Coin Bank

Ceramic piggy bank

Lenght: 4.4 inches

Height 3.8 inches

Weight 220 grams


Another set of salt and pepper shaker

this set has a different figure with the first set

Wide 1.8 inches

Length 2.2 inches

High 2.6 inches

Weight 135 grams


Mini salt and pepper shaker

mini size of salt and pepper shaker
adorn with polymer clay collar and embellish with crystal and rhodium charm


Tall 2 inches

Wide 1.3 inches

Weight 85 grams

Sunday, August 22, 2010

desmongirl21 - Skull black pink cake topper

Skull Wedding Cake Topper

Black Pink color

This Skull made of Ceramic high fired at 1,250 degrees

I embellish the skull with crystal, glitter and acrylic

Hand Painted using acrylic color

Last step, I will spray clear gloss protected
so the embellishment will stay for last long

This skull are double function as salt and pepper shaker
after your wedding

This skull will come with rubber stopper food grade

Inside the skull is apply clear glaze it clean and food safe

Tall 2 inches
Wide 1.75 inches
Weight 85 grams

I recently create a Trinket tray for a skull set
and it can be a ring holder

The ring is tied with ribbon

A trinket tray is also made of ceramic

Trinket tray embellish with polymer clay and crystal

Trinket tray size:
Tall 5 inches
Wide 4.4 inches
Weight 95 grams

Saturday, August 21, 2010

jeanielo - Lucky Owl Wedding Cake Topper

Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Lucky Owl

Purple and Green wedding color

Bride is green has purple eyes and nose
green long eyelash

Groom is purple has big green eyes and rounded
with purple
and silver crystal and glitter

All are hand painted and embellish
with crystal and glitter

I made this with attention and lot care in every details

This is wedding cake topper and double function
as salt or pepper shaker after your wedding

I have create a ceramic tray

A ceramic heart tray and put a ring

this tray is not include in the set and
if you interest can contact me

I also have Unpainted Lucky Owl and tray
if you would like to create in your own art piece
can contact me anytime ...

miranda - Skull Cake Topper

Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Skull day of dead

White Black Red color

Bride: Black with black roses eyes
silver teeth, red and white roses on the head

Groom: White pearl with red flower eyes
black and silver teeth, black top hat and red, white roses

A White pearl heart tray and has a hole or a ring holder

*** Heart tray is not including in the set ***

if you want a tray please contact me

A Red heart tray and ring holder