Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michelle - Cake Topper

Ceramic Cake Topper and Salt Pepper Shaker

Brunette hair for groom and long hair brunette for bride

A set of bride and groom made from ceramic fired at 1,250 degrees

Using my design and technique and made with love and lots care

All handmade and delicate

Using acrylic paint, acrylic powder, crystal
and coated gloss shine protected

Hair clip and dress having a perfect detail
I embellish hair clip with acrylic powder and crystal
dress I add crystal and silver glitter to detail

They can be used for so many thing!!!

* Cake Topper
* Salt and Pepper Shaker
* Photo Holder
* Place card holder
* Christmas ornament

Photo clip for your wedding photo to honor of your anniversary!!!

Just put a wire at the hole on it head

They also look great in any floral arrangement or poke
them into cupcakes

after wedding you can put them as ornament for
your Christmas tree

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sergey - Airedale

Custom made for Sergey - Airedale

I made 3 Airedale figurine for your selection

No. 1 Standing Airedale
No. 2 Sitting Airedale
No. 3 Standing Airedale

Airedale dog figurine sculpt from polymer clay
freehand sculpt and paint by skill craftsman
Measurement approximately
tall 2"
weight 30 grams

This figurine can use as photo holder or place card
just put a wire on it back

It also would be a perfect Christmas Ornament

Individually sculpt and paint
and coated with clear gloss finish protected

They make for beautiful, simple, decor for any room
that needs some added cuteness...

No.1 Standing Airedale figurine

No.2 Sitting Airedale figurine

No.3 Standing Airedale figurine

Mei - Wedding Dog Figurine

Custom made for Mei - Dodger and Tag

Photo clip figurine bride and groom dog

Put your wedding photo for your memorial

This wire art card holder are hand designed
and they can be used for so many things!!!

Non rusting aluminum wire card holder will hold
Note, Picture, Recipe Cards, Table Number Markers
Craft Show Signs and more...

Dodger and Tag are made out from polymer clay
hand sculpt and paint by skills craftsman
Each piece is made with love and lots care
delicate with a perfect details

Photo holder or place card holder

Dodger has a pink flower on the head
the flower is sculpt from polymer caly

Tag wearing a gray tuxedo with red bow-tie
it sculpt from polymer clay and the button
is adorn with crystal

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rie - Tink & Wendy

Custom order for Rie - Tink & Wendy Miniature Dachshund

Salt and Pepper Shaker
- Tink & Wendy