Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pug - Keychain Pug the King

Custom made Keychain Pug polymer

Pug the King

Pug made from polymer clay free hand sculpt
never using any mold

Hand painted by acrylic colors and sealed
with high gloss shine

Purple dog collar adorn with gold stud

Crown is hand sculpt from polymer clay
embellish with crystal, you will amazed
with the details

tall 2.3"
width 1.7"
weight 45 grams

I have 18 colors keychain strap

I select only good material for keychain

Stainless keyring
beautiful leather strap
rhodium connector inlaid rhinestone
rhodium bone pendant
metallic silver small bell

I welcome for custom made keychain and figurine
for every dog breeds simply send me your
pet picture to my e-mail

Pug - Hudson figurine

Custom made polymer figurine


Hudson and his rugby ball hand sculpted
from polymer clay and hand painted
acrylic colors

Sealed with high gloss shine protected

Hudson wearing English rugby shirt and
on the shirt painted logo on front

Totally handmade and never using mould


tall 2.5"
wide 1.7"
weight 45 grams

at the back painted Hudson and No.1

I can sculpt and paint for every dog breeds
and also cat or other animals

if you interest for custom made please send
your pet picture to my e-mail

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dotti and Leelu S&P Shaker

Custom made from your pet picture

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt and Pepper shaker set

Made of ceramic porcelain

Individually hand painted by skill craftsman

Exterior apply high gloss shine protected

Interior apply clear under-glaze it clean to put salt and pepper

At the belly has a hole to put salt and pepper

Dog collar is polymer clay sculpt

Pink collar adorn with crystal and small rhinestone charm

American pit bull natural ears

Custom made from your pet picture

Ceramic mini figurine

American pit bull terrier


Mini ceramic figurine made of stoneware

Individually hand painted by skill craftsman

sealed with high gloss shine protected


Dog collar adorn with light blue crystal

tall 2"
wide 1.5"
weight 50 grams

You can use this figurine as ornament
or key chain

Just put a hook on the head

This would be a special gift for pit bull lover

this figurine is solid inside not hollow

so you can use as paperweight on your table

I can paint in any color for pit bull and also other dog

if interest please see in my blog
I have many dog figurine

click here

Dog mini figurine

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stella - American bulldog




Made of polymer clay hand sculpt by skill craftsman

Individual hand painted using acrylic colors

Sealed with special high gloss shine protected

Polymer clay is flexible so it not break when fall down

Custom sculpt and paint to look like your dog

I have 18 colors key chain for selection

click here to see more

18 beautiful key chain colors

Keyring is stainless steel
leather-like is glitter light blue
rhodium connector inlaid rhinestone
Rhodium bone charm inlaid with rhinestone
Smell metallic silver clear crystal sound

I also have other dog breeds key chain and can
make for every dog cat and other animals

I welcome for custom order

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Polymer clay keychain