Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chihuahua Short Hair black color

Polymer clay keychain Chihuahua short hair

Each is hand sculpt and paint by skill craftsman

sealed with high gloss shine protected

I can make for any dog breeds in any colors
not only dog I also can make cat and other animal

I welcome for custom made
simply send me your favorite pet picture

Black Chihuahua has a white tip on front and hide feets

Made out from polymer clay hand sculpt
and hand paint

Hand Painted using acrylic color and coated
with high gloss shine protected

Dog's collar is polymer clay adorn with red crystal
and bone charm

Adorn with red crystal around the dog's collar

Rhodium bone charm inlaid with rhinestone

On the head have a hook to attach with keychain

I have 18 beautiful colors for key chain leather fob

Keyring is thick stainless
brown leather with rhodium inlaid rhinestone connector
Rhinestone bone pendant
silver metallic small bell

Tall from the top ring is 4.5"

Measurement: tall 1.8" width 1.5" weight 38 grams

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poodle Wedding cake topper

Polymer clay wedding cake topper figurine

Poodle bride and groom cake topper

It made out from polymer clay entirely hand sculpt

Hand Painted using acrylic color and

coated with high gloss shine protected

A flower and collar on Bride Poodle is polymer clay

Gray tuxedo is polymer clay sculpt

A flower and collar is embellish with swarovski crystal

Size: tall 2" width 1.3" weight 28 grams each

Bride Poodle apricot color

A teal blue flower embellish with blue and clear crystal

Dog's collar adorn with blue crystal and clear swarovski

I try to add veil for this bride but it look not

delicate because a flower is quite big

At this picture I use white background
so you can see the the teal blue color
it look exactly like the item at most

Groom Poodle light yellow

Gray tuxedo and black neck-tie

Tuxedo adorn with clear swarovski for the button

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2nd Order from Rie

Custom made - 2nd Order from Rie


The total custom order are 14 lists

I have upload all to my blog you can see all of them before you will receive it
and some of dog I have made more than you order so you can select the one that you like

You can click on the button below


Mare - Dachshund long hair Ceramic Photo Holder

1. Christmas
2. Halloween

Chai - Jack Russell Polymer clay figurine

I have made 4 figurine for your seleciton
please click on the picture to see them all

Forte - Westy Polymer clay photo holder

Maya - Westy Polymer clay photo holder

ViVi - Poodle Polymer clay keychain

Baron - Pug Polymer clay keychain

Ryon - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ceramic Photo Holder

Tack - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ceramic Photo Holder

Vanilla - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker

Brown - Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker

Pasha - Dachshund long hair Special gift for Rie and Pasha

Dachshund long hair polymer clay keychain

white and brown color

Dachshund long hair polymer keychain

Dachshund long hair white and brown polymer keychain

Polymer clay keychain hand sculpt and paint

Dog's collar is red embellish red crystal
and rhodium inlaid rhinestone bone charm

Keychain is thick stainless has a rhodium bone pendant
and silver metallic small bell good crystal sound

A beautiful red leather keychain fob